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Gabe Ghiby
Phoenix, Arizona, US of A
IT professional & hardcore gamer
Interests: computers, gaming, business & geopolitical simulations, aviation & ships enthusiast, travel & navigation, and not lastly virtual worlds & metaverse development
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disclaimer, no offense intended to the Australian origin on Ebbe, but just ask yourself what was Ebbe doing back in 2004 when Phill and his basic crew was launching what we've come to know now as the SL world..??.. Ebbe was nowhere near the concept design and the vision behind it, to my knowledge... (but, hey, I may be wrong, I hope Ebbe will come here in person to slap me with his own words...if he's not busy golfing his salary we all pay him... )
my little two cents is that they, today's Lindens are a shame to what was once the core crew creating, launching and maintaining the SL... back then, residents had the option to choose a last-name for free... now, with employees hired with less than 6 months seniority, or on average 2 years and they barely heard about SL until they got hired, they are all clueless about what SL was meant to be from the start... Ebbe claims he is in touch regularly with Phill, and that may be true, but if it is, he's learning absolutely nothing from the founder and this hurts us all that in our foolishness are still using SL and putting in real money... what the heck, he's a newcomer from Australia, what is he to know about what happened when SL was launched way back in 2004... or what was the vision, the strategy to grow and serve the SL residents... he has no clue and with him, all under him... that is not to say he may be an incapable or unskilled manager, not at all, far from it, but he's far from understanding the SL community, that made Sl what it is today and that still makes SL that "cash cow" that's producing them big, fat salaries... are you aware they make at Board levels in the range of $200 per hr..??.. all while trying to full us... first with Sansar, now with the move to the cloud, yet they're not capable enough to implement a name change feature... they're dragging their feet with this name-change feature for over 2 years now... how hypocritical is that..??.. we're doomed if we put too much trust in the new crew of Lindens... in my opinion, for what its worth, it's good they got rid of Sansar, and on the other hand, will be a big fiasco they move the grid to the cloud, because the grid will now be in someone's else hands, yet, still SL will charge us for it... and they charge us quite a lot... that's sad... it's also sad there is no other reliable and viable alternative to SL... OpenSim it's OK, but it's fragile and far behind...
for the record, I also agree with Anne Frank, well said, I couldn't have said it better...
me I tend to agree with the author of this blog and article, I assume wagner james I feel bad I just recently found this blog-news considering I'm what some may call an oldtimer in SL since 2006, with a few failed attempts starting in 2004... I'm just introducing myself, just to show I have something to compare with, years and years of being with SL under different management teams, starting with the original Linden team... my bottom line comment is simple: it's great they finally got rid of Sansar, it was a losing proposition from the start, I can't even begin to understand how come their researchers - assuming they have some on duty - didn't figure it out, we the users-residents of SL, we won't embrace, support and use an environment with no Adult-Mature content and where creators can't really make money... and we, the residents warned them, yet still, they didn't listen at all until it brought them to the brink of bankruptcy... like the author just said, like we, the little people we're supposed just to go with the flow and accept it and make their work fun, while they're earning significant salaries off us spending our money in SL so, it's good they got rid of it, so they can finally focus on SL as it should be done, out of respect for its residents... everything else is crap, in my opinion, especially the so-called move to the cloud, it will end up costing them a fortune, and they'll give up administration and management control of the servers, so of the grid, all that at our expense, once again, the SL residents will have to pay the price one way or another... look what happened recently with portals controlled by just a few hands in a third-party service provider agreement, like Steam and Origin, of EA, or even Blizzard and no only, they all crashed with outages due to overload 'cause people-players-users were logging in more often than before with this "social distancing" trend similar things will happen with the cloud move, the grid will soon be managed by others, the grid (or portions of it) will be down, and Lindens will say "don't blame us, it's the cloud" - but they'll still charge us... dropping Sansar was/is a good move while moving to the cloud is a dumb move and it will cost us all the much expected "names" improvement, to change-choose name, will also be a cash machine, a cash cow, considering will charge at least $20 per name change, when it should be free, as it's not the "Resident"s fault they had no last-name to choose from when they signed up... me, personally, I'm so sick and tired, I barely find the drive to log back in SL but, I still do it to keep in touch with my longtime friends and to watch speechless and with my jaw dropped the latest developments... @ wagner james keep up the good work on maintaining this blog with SL news, it's great there still are some journalists like you... well done...
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Mar 31, 2020