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I personally believe that the most important thing I learned this semester was the idea that each economic problem has many different ways to approach it. The phrase "Well, it depends..." was a common saying in our class because there is no one way to do economics. I used to believe that economics was a pretty one-minded study. I thought that everyone agreed that "more money here is good and more money here is bad". However, I soon realized that different people have different beliefs and will never unanimously agree on a solution to a problem. Take, for example, the issue regarding when to start up the economy. Many professional economists, along with myself, agree that the government should wait until the disease is completely under control to re-open the economy; however, when I turn on Fox News there are professional economists saying that the best way to attack this problem is to open the economy as soon as possible in order to avoid irreparable harm. Regardless of political standing, the one thing that economists can agree on is the fact that they will never all agree on something. Thank you for this semester; this was a very meaningful class, even through zoom, and I am glad I took it with you. Stay safe.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2020 on ECON 100 Final Exam at Jolly Green General
It surprised me that the world leaders have not had more meetings to discuss possible strategies to combat the epidemic. I agree that the only way we will be able to recover is through cooperation with other countries. Now that the US is rapidly becoming one of the most infected countries in the world, I believe we should implement some of the surveillance techniques used by other countries. I believe that it should be optional to participate in using the surveillance systems though; mainly because, as the article pointed out, if we trust our government and the facts it is reporting, then we will (assuming we are rational human beings) do whatever is necessary for the greater good. The government does need to work on growing our trust though.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2020 on ECON 100 at Jolly Green General
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Mar 31, 2020