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Denny Prijadi
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There’s massive documentation on military encounter with UFO , an example would be the Bethune Gander Incident in the 50s where US transport plane encountered a light ring off coast of Newfoundland , the ring rise instantly from sea level to the plane’s altitude and it is now clear it is an orange disc bigger than the plane (4 engined prop transport plane). Pilots and passengers all saw the disc as it pace the aircraft for sometime until it flew off with incredible speed. Upon landing they were investigated separately and was shown a collection of UFO photos by the investigator. Obvious the investigator have access to multiple photo evidence and documentation. US forces in korea also encountered many strange discs during wartime ops , as documented by NICAP. This to follow the WW2 foo fighter phenomena up to today. Theres an interview with 2 retired montana sherrifs about their experience during the UFO wave and cattle mutilation in their territory. They told a story of a witness came to their office saying he saw a disc following closely behind a US jet. France have COMETA report on ufo , and their mirage 4 nuclear bomber encountered a small UFO who buzzed them twice in figure 8 maneuver. Australia air force Sea fury fighter flying near nowra was accosted by big shadow pacing him , also detectable on radar. Theres also the unsolved case of a cessna flownby civilian pilot missing in Bass strait after he reported he is being buzzed repeatedly by a green disc. There’s so many real UFO cases from good sources like NICAP and MUFON. Their case list thousands of such encounters. Best cases was the Radar Visual sightings. No one knew what they are , are they technological nuts and bolt or immaterial as they seem to exist between both. Expert like Jacques Vallee consider them interdimensional , which some might say it is an apparation that can be real for a time yet disappear like a ghost. interestingly Jacques Vallee notice the eerie similarity between UFO phenomena with the ancient faerie mythology. The faerie that rule the land sea and air , who love kidnapping people and playing pranks on human..
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Apr 29, 2020