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I've read that up to 30% of residents on the reservations (I lose track of what terminology is politically correct these days, as it seems to change on a daily basis depending on who feels insulted. Is "reservations" deemed insulting, or acceptable?) have no access to running water. Most of us perceive efforts to comply with best practices to prevent the virus in the context of our 21st-century conveniences. The Nation deals with a different reality. "So, why not relax stay-at-home restrictions in these lightly populated areas that have been only minimally affected by the virus? Why not let them go back to work, bars, bingo and bowling leagues? Doesn’t it make sense to not make everyone equally share the pain when they don’t equally share the risk?" When I pointed out in a facebook post that our local Grant County, NM populace was fortunate that, due to a number of factors including our distancing efforts, we have had a total of 16 confirmed cases in a population of 28,000+ residents (while acknowledging that there are likely more due to not everyone being tested) and made the same suggestions as above, I was vilified by the virtue-signallers, who quickly turned the point into a straw man debate about "masks"...a word that did NOT appear once in my rather lengthy post. Not surprisingly, the debate has quickly turned into one that mirrors an individual's political beliefs. We've endured three years of one side attempting to invalidate the election of someone they viscerally hate. "Frothing at the mouth" hate. Open too early and suffer a spike in cases? "Trump only cares about his rich business friends and sacrificed lives for their benefit. HE HAS BLOOD ON HIS HANDS". Open too late and suffer the consequences of a ruined economy that collapses under the weight of a huge number of business failures and an unsustainable uptick of trillions of dollars of additional "economic relief" debt? "Trump ruined the economy and won't be able to bring it back". Steve, I agree: I'm also glad I don't have to make that decision....because there likely is no "correct" answer. It will be an almost impossible task to walk that tightrope that allows us to find a perfect balance between health safety and economic viability. And the political wolves wait on the sidelines, drooling at the prospect, ready to pounce.
Those of us who are fortunate to live in an area with a relatively low number of cases might read the reports of the staggering numbers in hotspots like the NY metro area and empathize, but we have no way of relating to the day-to-day horrors that so many responders on the front lines had to endure. Many will need therapy for what they've experienced while helping others, as well as our support and understanding for many years. This story is heartbreaking.
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Apr 30, 2020
The vaccine approval process will be FDA fast-tracked unlike any other in our history...and, once accomplished, the pro- vs. anti-vaxxer controversy will glow red hot. Will the anti-vaxxers make a "just this one time" exception? Or will their resolve harden when considering the speed and relatively short trial period of the eventual vaccine? And what if the government MANDATES a vaccination? "Their survey revealed that the only key variable that significantly shapes whether one believes vaccinations should be required or be the decision of parents is age. Young adults are much more likely to believe that parents should have the right to choose, with 41 percent of those 18-29 years old claiming this, compared with 30 percent of the overall adult population. They found no significant effect of class, race, gender, education, or parental status." Not surprising. We seniors remember polio all too well.
I agree that those attempting to make certain government-imposed restrictions a "Constitutional Rights" issue are misguided, and you've explained the reasons well. The obvious issue that elected leaders must struggle with is how to hit that "sweet spot" of timing, where a community/region/state is safe enough to gradually open, without waiting SO long that its economic underpinnings are ravaged. I live in the southwest area of New Mexico with a county population of just under 30,000 people residing in just under 4,000 square miles. We have had 14 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 0 deaths...BUT we've tested about 1.7% of the County's population, roughly the same rate as the USA, but below the 3.1% of the overall New Mexico rate. Most of New Mexico's confirmed cases are in pockets of Albuquerque up north, and the Native American Reservations. Do we "open up" by counties, regions, etc....or does the risk of people moving from areas with higher rates to those with lower rates outweigh the benefits? Meanwhile, small businesses are barely surviving, even with the Fed. Govt. assistance. And realistically: How much longer can we keep printing money? It's turned into a "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation, those decisions will continue to be used as political fodder in this election year.
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Apr 30, 2020