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Dave Kray
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As an avid reader, I have been using the library regularly for decades. Recently, I have had to shift to online resources and discovered "Overdrive" which I can access with my Toronto Library card. THere's a whole world of great books online. It's fantastic, convenient and of course perfectly safe. I highly recommend it. I am really not sure if the traditional library model is sustainable. Covid-19 is still here with us and although the numbers are not as bad as they were it is by no means gone. It may also mutate and be invulnerable to any vaccines. No one really knows what will happen so it is a concern that is not set to go away any time soon and may in fact be the new normal. I look around and see that most businesses are still closed. Meanwhile, Toronto libraries are set to re-open (in stages) with limited services. This seems premature. I am not sure if I should be borrowing a Book or DVD or Magazine that was recently returned by another user. There is no guarantee the item will be clean and safe even if there is a gap between the time it was returned and the time someone else borrows it. I understand that people miss being able to go to the library and borrow items. I do as well. But it may be no longer viable in the long run. Thankfully there are great online options we can take advantage of. As such, I don't see why there is such a rush to re-open. It seems to me hasty and ill advised to be restarting services during a pandemic. Hopefully, this won't exacerbate the current health crisis even worse.
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May 21, 2020