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Stephen Blackwell
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SPOLIERS - With all due respect, Mr. Quigley, the title of the crossword belies the actual gimmick. The (very well done) gimmick being to replace a Hard G sound with a SKW (or, SQU) sound. (Godsmack becomes Squadsmack, Geek chic becomes Squeak chic, etc). However, for the title, you're trying to use a phrase that has a Soft G (phonetically, it's a J sound). It just doesn't follow. Based on the crossword, the title would actually be Gurm of an Idea (as you never replace a J sound, only a Hard G). If I may be so bold (and I only posit this, as you've asked for titles before, Mr. Quigley), something along the lines of "Squash! What a Lovely Crossword" would be more befitting. Small issue, I know, but wanted to bring it up. Please know you are a true cruciverbalist Squad...and I appreciate you and your games immensely. If it wasn't for these crosswords, Idk how I would've kept my sanity in quarantine. Thank you sir.
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"N as in autumn" ....though maybe that's blowing your wad too early. "Happy eNdings" ? Either way, great puzzle.
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May 22, 2020