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Stephanie K Nestlerode
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You pose a fascinating inquiry. We have data upon data showing the benefits of truly employee engagement. I had the privilege of leading one of the first total quality management processes in the US within a hospital. Already rated the best hospital in Columbia SC, after two years of TQM that % rating us the best went up 18%. The key to success was the CEO’s commitment. He spoke at new employee orientation every week and told employees, “this is how it is supposed to work in your department. if it doesn’t, come talk to me personally. He promised them that NOTHING they did to improve the quality of our hospital, could get them into trouble. This was tested and he was true to his word. You don’t need a newsletter when people have consequences for standing in the way of implementing sound ideas. Employees KNEW how to exceed patient expectations. All they needed was permission to change systems. Given that we know democratic methods work, the question becomes, why is it so uncommon? And that’s all about power and control. So bottom line, WHERE is the leverage for shifting the power dynamic? Is it even possible? Or will it require organizations dying off and being replaced by organizations that share leadership? What do we know about scaling democratic organizations? It makes sense that if we believe democracy is impossible in organizations, why would we believe it would work as a country? These are self limiting beliefs. We’ve been very slow to make our Union more perfect. It took three generations for women to get the vote! Thanks for the conversation. I always love hearing more about Mary Parker Follett! What a thought pioneer.
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Jul 19, 2020