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Jub Jub Forder
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World map is working very well for the first time in years. I can finally see most land masses on the same screen.
I cannot take seriously the opinion of someone who lies in their opening statement... "The software that runs SL cannot be radically changed or updated, too much will break and the time it takes to fix massive changes only results in more problems." Fact: Software Code CAN be changed, code CAN be updated. It's hard, and there is sometimes problems (which CAN be fixed), but to say SL software CANNOT is just a straight up lie. As evidenced by SL's move to the 'cloud' which has been ongoing for a while but has barely been noticed by most of SL's users. Other historical major changes include the Windlight and render system changes, UDP to http, LSL to Mono, Mesh, Animesh, and several more - all of which went off without SL's sky falling. Additionally, Second Life offers many things that other entertainment software simply does not. They've been a industry leader in some parts for many years, and still are in others. And Second Life has carved out it's own niche and despite many companies trying to mimic it, it's still the leader and is still massively successful and profitable. Second Life is not going away anytime soon - it has many years of life left yet, and massive opportunities still yet to be tapped... for instance... the Marketplace is by far the worlds largest market of 3D content... if that content was to be opened up to distribution to other games/the world it would be huge.
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Jul 20, 2020