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That deeply feels like the right perspective on astrology to me: a blend of the deterministic, ever-dynamic cosmic design, and the key role of the developing individual consciousness as it increasingly awakens to its ability to focus these cosmic energies constructively. I'm not proficient in, and certainly not a practitioner of astrology; but I have a rapidly developing sense of connection with those godly objects in the night sky, and I am drawn to voices such as yours, which translate my subjective experience of connection into a context of existential ideas, concepts and precepts. Reading your piece I found myself considering my growing understanding of my own chart's squares and oppositions; particularly the testing opposition between my wonderfully aspected Sag Ascendant Saturn, and my equally well-supported Gemini Descendent Mars. I have felt the development of my own understanding of the potential this aspect points toward, for many years now. I can see how Saturn inexorably, gradually transformed my original Martian impulsive, wilful, result-oriented aggression into patient service to an emerging natural design with long-term objectives that may span more than my individual life-time. And to let Mars express itself in the "filling-in" of emerging life-patterns that contribute to Saturnian purpose, without assuming an independent, separate authority. They can and do work together, these two, even if I can only feel their apparent contrast at times, and the mutuality of their contribution may not always be obvious to my limited understanding. I, the soul, provide the context of patient space for their cyclical resolution first slowly emerging into focus, then returning to nebulous chaos, before swinging back into new shapes of creation.
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THAT is an AWESOME poem ...! Thank you so much for sharing.
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"Find the correct 4 angles of illuminating whatever you want to focus on, and all shadows will be dispelled." Do you happen to have an article that unpacks this tantalising nugget of information ...? Thank you!
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stirred my soul, thank you! I'm fortunate to live in a place where the night sky is prominent, unattenuated by artificial lighting. I even have a bed in the veggie garden, near Henrietta the chicken, where I can lay down and bathe in the infinite, and fall asleep in its glory. Yet ... it took you to give words to a segment of the cornucopia of vibrational impulses surrounding one on any given night (or day). For the last couple of nights the crescent moon has been aligned with Jupiter and Saturn (they are a wonder of consistency up there these days); its concave openness pointing directly at Jupiter, and Saturn beyond. An alignment of little astrological consequence but endless poetry. Thank you for your tangible support in these days of fulfilment.
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You revealed to me a part of a mind-blowingly efficient design - thank you! I'll definitely make the effort of corroborating this information in my experience hereon.
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Aug 13, 2020