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Sachs’ article From Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals essentially highlights that SDGs are a more efficient and viable metric than MDGs for accomplishing our goals regarding economic development. He stresses the importance of the “triple bottom line” that considers environmental and social factors when working towards these global efforts. I agree with Sachs’ point saying that the private sector needs to be crucially and genuinely engaged in the process, although I would’ve liked to read more details about how particularly this should be done. For example, in my poverty class, we often discussed the popular opinion that if wealthier individuals of society gave more to charity and had paid more in taxes, equality would be more accessible. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is solely their responsibility, which brings me to his fourth point, in which he emphasizes that countries everywhere need to invest efficiently in order for the SDGs to succeed. I agree that this issue will take efforts from all constituents around the world in order to be holistically fruitful, although I am curious to read more about what exactly these efforts will look like for countries at different levels of development. Doesn’t this imply that wealthier countries must inevitably devote more to this, given that they have more resources? Will countries give in to these demands if they don't benefit from them (since we have seen that they usually do not)? Where should they start this long journey? Since not all countries are necessarily on the same page when it comes to environmental efforts and this was identified as a crucial component, I personally think this is a great objective to start with, especially since environmental matters (most importantly, climate change) ultimately impact all individuals. On that note, Sachs’ point concerning the spread of global knowledge for the sake of more effective systems for energy, food, urbanization, etc, also stood out to me since we are discussing this in one of my other courses. Although I agree that globalization is crucial to facilitating better infrastructure, given the readings/discussions in my other class, I am doubtful about whether more developed countries would actually agree to completely engage in this, since it is not always in their best interest. There are also political factors that play a role in hindering this, such as embargos, international tensions, etc. Although I think the article laid out reasonable points, I would’ve liked to have read more specific reasons supporting his reasoning in order to understand his viewpoint better.
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Aug 27, 2020