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David Watts
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Hhmmm A lot to think about there Steve. I have a vast collection of CDs but I have them all on my computer and ipod (s). I try not to buy too many new releases but there are some artists that I have to always get the latest. Like U2, who I have collected since Boy. My new addiction is trawling the charity shops for £1 cds but I think that maybe that is to salve my conscience. Not a big fan of downloads. Not sure I can trust something I can't see.............Oh i a Christian, I already do that! BTW I have been listening to the weekly podcast from Fitzroy and appreciate it very much.
Toggle Commented Oct 12, 2020 on HOW DO I BUY MUSIC? at SOUL SURMISE
I wonder bout the conversations his record company had when they heard the first play through. Or indeed his comments
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Sep 24, 2020