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Evie Boleyn
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Comparing SL to a game with a contained story area is a little unfair. It's the fact that you have no limits on creativity that makes it unique and special. There's no story except the one you make for yourself. Sure, amateur mesh creators could do a better job with optimization, but the key word here is amateur. It's a wiki-world that improves over time as people develop their skills. There will always be noob creators, everyone has to start somewhere and everyone's first snowman is going to have more triangles than it really needs but there's always more to learn and that's the beauty of it. It is for me, anyway. And it isn't as if LL don't provide ways to avoid lag, like impostor avatars and jelly dolls. You don't need to fully render people you're not looking at, let them be impostors. I generally keep non-impostors to about 8. And if you set the maximum complexity to no limit, then you can't really grumble when someone with a complexity of a million lags you to death. It's that person's own fault if they make their avatar look fabulous and all anyone else sees is a jelly doll. I set the maximum complexity to 350k, which is more than enough to render most people. Anyone who's a jelly doll above that limit stays as a jelly doll. We can all do more to keep complexity down, like removing attachments that are hidden under clothes, for example, detach it if you don't need it, don't just hide it. It's in the nature of SL that most of the content is made by amateurs, that's kinda the whole point of it. It also has a very old engine that gets patched instead of being replaced by a more up-to-date and efficient one, but that would mean everyone starting again with an empty inventory. They tried that with Sansar but no one wants to start again from scratch. Maybe some day LL will come up with a new engine and some kind of content converter so that we don't lose all of our stuff, but I'm not holding my breath. SL is what it is.
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Oct 1, 2020