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"That's more information than people making drinks at home probably need" I enjoyed it! I think about this and similar topics a lot even as a home enthusiast. That so many cocktail books and websites are spec'd according to margins, hospitality, glassware, and all these other factors is fascinating but ultimately I think it makes comparing specs and grasping fundamentals messy for us amateurs. Cocktail books are almost all written from the perspective of bartenders and bars - I'm not hating on it - but a great cookbook on making sauces or soups is written from the perspective of making delicious sauces or soups and that's it. We still don't have that kind of cookbook for mixed drinks - bar culture and wash lines and margins get embedded into the specs and recipes through and through. By way of example I saw tonight on Punchdrink a recipe for the Alaska cocktail and they point out it has a "weird" 2.25 oz gin measurement. Most amateurs would miss it's only weird because the recipe has a total of 3 undiluted ounces. The ratio of gin to Yellow Chartreuse in the spec is 3:1., totally normal. Talk about muddying the understanding of such a simple cocktail based on the bar/bartender's decision to supersize it. To gain some clarity on the whole mixed drink recipe landscape, I've settled on a 2 oz standard of total liquor for my drink-making and I'm influenced by Andrew Willett on this score. I see it as a brilliant stricture for developing my ability to confidently make decent drinks on the fly and in any style with any liquor - cocktail, sour, highball, you name it. Converting specs from the wild into this format, finding the common denominator, also strengthens my grasp for underlying ratios. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk, etc etc.
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Nov 23, 2020