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Patrick Chouinard
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A fabulous piece. Thanks for sharing 💛. What you write makes perfect sense. I especially liked your interpretation of the aspects as they can be viewed from a positive and spiritual perspective (how they affect a person on the Path). You filled a void. I have looked in vain among esoteric astrologers for such an interpretation (finding only something resembling your words in Vedic astrology). And of course yours words on Saturn. Reading it I recalled a passage from Alan Leo in his book : Esoteric Astrology. He connects Saturn to the “Antahkarana” as does HPB in her Esoteric Instructions (where she shows correspondences between the planets and our ‘Seven Principles’ according to theosophy) . He begins with a quote from William Q. Judge : ‘ “The Higher Ego is, as it were, a globe of pure white light, a light from a higher plane, on which there is no differentiation. Descending from a plane of differentiation it emanates a Ray, which it can only manifest through the personality which is already differentiated. A portion of this Ray, the Lower Manas, during life may so crystallize itself and become one with the Kama that it will remain assimilated with matter. That portion which retains its purity forms Antahkarana (Saturn). The whole fate of an incarnation depends on whether Antahkara (Saturn) will be able to restrain the Kama-Manas (Mars) or not. …” Saturn acts as a bridge between the personal, mortal, part of man and the higher spiritual and immortal part; thus Saturn may be said to purify, refine, and spiritualize the essence of the Moon and Mars, and transform their colors... ' (Alan Leo, Esoteric Astrology, pp.95-96)
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Nov 29, 2020