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Someone compared this to the Kaddish Yatom and that is patently ridiculous. The Kaddish Yatom is a responsive prayer reading where the congregation responds to the reader and is NOTHING like this poem. "Reader: Let God's name be made great and holy in the world that was created as God willed. May God complete the holy realm in your own lifetime, in your days, and in the days of all the house of Israel, quickly and soon. And say: Amen. Congregation: May God's great name be blessed, forever and as long as worlds endure. Reader: May it be blessed, and praised, and glorified, and held in honor, viewed with awe, embellished, and revered; and may the blessed name of holiness be hailed, though it be higher by far than all the blessings, songs, praises, and consolations that we utter in this world. And say: Congregation: Amen. May Heaven grant a universal peace, and life for us, and for all Israel. And say: Congregation: Amen. May the One who creates harmony above, make peace for us and for all Israel, and for all who dwell on earth. And say: Congregation: Amen.
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Mar 10, 2021