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Catherine Wilson
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Catherine Wilson May 20 at 2:17 PM · Most of Kant in words of one syllable: A cause can make you do a thing but it can’t make you bad. If you are bad, that is on you. There’s a test you can do just to check if it's fine. Don’t do that to him or her there if you don’t want him or her to do that to you some fine day. See how that works for all the big don'ts? Life may make you sore, but you can be brave and pure. You are free, ‘cos your self is not a thing in the world. You made up the world. You made up space and time and cause. Are you a ghost? A ghost plus a bod? You could be a ghost in a bod or just a bod or just a ghost, but you can’t know that. Is there a God? If it makes you be good, fine, you can think that. In fact, you should think that, so you don’t get too down when what’s going on makes you sore or sad. Chicks have no skills for most things and don’t think straight, but they can cook and are a help when you are sick. You can make a deal with them so life will go on and there will be more folks to be good down the line. Here’s what else. Folks are on the move; they go far and bring their smarts to all and some day world peace.
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Jun 8, 2020