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C.d. Payne
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I've been writing a journal since 1989. All about a fictional character named Nick Twisp. He's way more interesting than I am. Now writing Volume 13.
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2021 on On Journaling at The Online Photographer
I have an Olympus E-M1 ii and a Panasonic G9. I prefer the latter. I've seen the G9 for $650 used. That's a WHOLE lot of camera for the money. Everyone seems to want the GX8 these days. Guess the shutter shock scare is over.
Good information here. It would be helpful to know your height. If you're 5'2" you may have a way to go. The paleo video was an eye-opener. [Fixed! Thanks. --Mike]
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Jun 17, 2020