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There are thermal limitations to all powerplants at altitude because as air gets thinner (less dense) it offers less cooling capacity. Even though it is generally colder at altitude, that is more than offset by the lower density. Many turbocharged engines require special cooling arrangements to cope. In addition the airfoils on the wing and propeller must travel faster through the less dense air in order o generate the same lift. I'd say one of the biggest problems is that as batteries discharge their weight does not change but as you burn fuel the aircraft gets lighter. About 20% of our 1957 Bonanza's weight was the 6 gallons of fuel we carried.
Man it sounds hokey to me. You've got to use battery energy, reducing your range, to heat u the battery. Using that energy to heat the pack also increases charge time. I don't see how this helps. I have driven DFW to Phila and back twice with no problems using Tesla's network. Most of those are only 150 kW. Drive ~3hrs, charge 25-45 min and drive again. Drive 4 legs sleep and drive 4 more. Done. I have family in Kerrvile , Tx and can drive there with one charge stop. Honestly most of us do not make that many road trips. Charging at home (house) is super convenient. For our schedule my wife just charge once a week.
Reminds me of the dealer selling cars and giving away a full tank of gas.
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Jun 17, 2020