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Bobbi Penniman
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Hey Linda! (We know each other from MOD!) I had a reason to Google my name today for something and was thrilled to get this link in the results - so I HAD to read your blog and look at your pix. This was one of the most joyful quilts I made for my Craftsy/Kaffe project - I hope you have finished it and that you love it. I'd love to see your finished quilt? (Bobbip2006-quilts at yahoo dot com) I've actually made this quilt twice - once for Kaffe and once for Craftsy so sadly I don't have either one. Maybe I need to make one for ME! Your combo's are wonderful. Can't wait to see yours. Do you think we'll ever have another MOD? Gosh I hope so. Bobbi
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2020 on Tuesday Times at Fiber and Pulp
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Jun 22, 2020