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Angelo Segall
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1. We encountered last Sunday a CSL worker in his cleaning truck ( traveling through Merrimac) we stopped him and asked “how come he is not cleaning Merrimac street” he replies to us that he was not scheduled to clean our street”. Then he indicated that he is scheduled to clean only the “musical streets area”! The Merrimac to Rebrand street looks like a Swiss cheese with Lots of Potholes, the city was supposed to pave the street 4 years ago. Why this part of the city that has 128 family live and pay taxes (550 ppl) is neglected? 2. Pavement markings: On the Cavendish 4-Way Intersection: the intersection Est-West Kildare there is a segment sort of “round about” for turning South on Cavendish it is highly effective (convey a message to roadway users) indicate which part of the road to use. Must be repainted after the winter! Yet passing demarcation lines were done.
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Jun 3, 2020