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Neiani Leiyah
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06.15.2020|05:39pm Dear Bob, yes it brought a lot of memories of my new found freedom of being gay but was not lucky in the gay world as far as meeting 'him' maybe because I was soft and feminine instead of being 'butch'. Just in case you missed it, my very first gay dance bar was called The Round Table located (hope I'm right) on the north side of 51st between Madison and Park Ave. Have you been there or heard of it? Back then, beautiful and sexy lipsyncing drag queens with their Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand, etc song numbers. I was originally looking for my former boyfriends and the bars I met them, and this is how I came across your site. Thank you very much for this. Have a good one and be safe in this our COVID-19 global pandemic. H♡gs to you and yours. . . Neiani
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Jun 15, 2020