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Geoffrey Newbury
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Either they allow the federal building to be destroyed, they sustain nightly attacks from Antifa terrorists, or they respond with force. Must make note to self on calendar: Nov. 4, buy more popcorn to enjoy while watching Federal LEO actions under 'New, Improved with more Vitamins' Rules of Engagement against 'peaceful protesters'. Such as sniper to engage molotov cocktail throwers, and laser users, etc. Plus maybe a couple of companies worth of LEO's to surround and arrest every one of the rioters. And indictments for terroristic acts, so no bail. The Feds cannot presently allow *any* use of force in retaliation to provide a 'cause celebre' or worse, a martyr which the crazies could use against the executive. That problem will be resolved on November 3, *either way*. If Trump loses, the LEO's can just let loose their frustrations on having been restrained. If Trump loses, the Leos can... but I repeat myself.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2020 on You May Have To Squint To See It at davidthompson
"It's to show they can." *Real* power is to have them so scared, that you only need speak for a few minutes, but they dare not stop clapping for hours.... Meanwhile you can leave the stage and sit in the comfy chair, awaiting its next victim...
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2020 on They Sell Failure at davidthompson
"Someone fetch the Stone of Chastisement." No. No. No! You must sit in the comfy chair, and stay in the chair until lunch time with only a cup of coffee at 11. Since no one expects the Spanish Inquisition for diabolically signalling by posting twice.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2020 on They Sell Failure at davidthompson
In a class of 20 there are usually about 3 people who wander in around 9:15 a.m. but we have already started - they are embarrassed and need to catch up - we don't redo stuff for latecomers. I had a professor who would *lock the door* at 5 past. Those arriving within the 5 minutes got silence and a stare which followed them from the door to their seat, at which point he would resume *in mid-sentence*, or near thereto. VERY few repeat customers. I think only one or two (girls, iirc) complained to the Department Head, who only asked one question: Were you late? Of course that was long ago in a galaxy far far away.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2020 on They Sell Failure at davidthompson
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Jul 21, 2020