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Ade Markus
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hi everbody that fans of dracula novel I need to know what kind of war they (arthur, qincy and jack) involved when in this letter quincy mention some several place "landing at the Marquesas, and drunk healths on the shore of Titicaca. and the Korea... "what year those happened?
ok, hello everyone... I am Ade Markus, from indonesia... I am new in here.. I just want to express my thought, that Dr Seward send his letter to invited his former Mentor Van Helsing at 1 September as soon as she know Lucy in bad shape... according to the Seward, Van Helsing live in Amsterdam... so how fast its the letter from England to Amsterdam actualy is? and how come Van Helsing can come back and forth Amsterdam -London - Amsterdam... since traveling and letters need time to reach...
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Aug 25, 2020