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Larry Angier
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For the few weddings I still photograph each year, I make sure that they are delivered with a set of prints. However, I just don't run them through my friend's minilab which still kicks out hundreds of 3x5 through 8x10 prints weekly, but something unique. My approach isn't just to print a stack of 4x6 or 3x5 prints, but thinking to the days of the dark room, print them up a bunch of 4x6 prints gang-sheet style on 24x36 inch prints. As I tell them, this is unique and it's tough to loose one of these sheets like smaller prints in the seat cushions and the their friends can't simply grab a pix or two. I always leave them an out that once they are finished enjoying the large sheets, bring them back and I'll cut them into smaller prints later. I've been doing this from at least 15-17 years ever since I got my first large-format printer. Everyone loves these! As I explain to my brides and couples, besides getting the files, they need images printed on paper. Even the first photographs from nearly two centuries are still preserved and can be seen, no technology needed. However, sitting at the toilet and the phone falls in, there goes years of photos and memories. It gives them something to enjoy for years to come. Besides the loss of a smart phone with years of unbacked-up photos another factor is digital rot. Nobody knows the future of our digital files, let alone hardware and software. Kodak PhotoCDs, anyone? I think Photoshop CC 2 (9.x) was the last with an import module to open those, let alone finding a CD/DVD drive. Those 12-inch Laser Disks from the early 1980s? Good quality prints will probably outlast us all.
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Oct 2, 2020