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Greg Nye
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Someone posted this quote above: “Too much colour distracts the audience” Jacques Tati That is so genius. And no wonder, because Jacques Tati was a genius. As a designer of hundreds and hundreds of FB ad campaigns for SMB's, I often cringe when trying to place a color logo over a beautiful simple image for their ad. If the logo is in color, what if those colors just don't suit the mood of the ad? Recently I was asked to use a black and lime green logo over a patriotic red white and blue themed ad. It doesn't work. Lime green and red don't work. I experience this issue over and over again. The solution? A one color version of the logo. I also run into another very common problem: logos that use two extremes of color, say dark blue and orange. Well, that logo isn't going to work over a dark or light image because one of the colors will be hard to see. So, even in a digital design world, I believe every logo should work in 1 color. I have a theory: design should be as simple as possible. (probably many designers theory). Simplicity is understood by the viewer. The more complicated you get, the greater chance you have at losing your viewer. Every element you add to something increases the complexity of the image - makes it less simple. The brain has to process all that info. Now, maybe it's literally nanoseconds in difference, but I believe it matters. One color logos are necessary to ensure that the logo will work anywhere anytime.
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Dec 15, 2020