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Marion Beech
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I was so excited to play this season reindeer game and have realised that i will not be able to complete it at all. So lesson learned don't bother even with the special pass. The last 2 levels need so much stuff from the mine was unworkable! it had taken me more days to complete level5 than it took to complete the first 4 levels- gutting to say the least. A lot of the fun has gone from the game for me. I am a busy mum so an hour or two daily is all i have to play - zynga you are missing out on a lot of players because you are ignoring this group of people older players who enjoy a game that is without violence, bad language and other such unneccesary things. Next year please spread the challengs over the whole farm to give us all a chance to complete the challenge and feel a sense of achievement! Thank you
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2020 on A Reindeer's Tale at FarmVille 2
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Dec 22, 2020