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Alan Fitton
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I worked for Dr. Tech Service Centers in the 1980s. We sold service contracts through Druckers and had ALL of Druckers service business (which, of course, Arnold got a pretty fair cut). He was a showman to be sure - I showed up one time to make our weekly pickup of broken stuff and replace it with supposedly fixed stuff. And there was Arnold wheeling and dealing with boxing promoter Don King. I was no fan of boxing but at the time his high grey fro was recognizable to even Tibetan monks. Arnold barely knew me and mostly ignored me . . . Until the one time I went there as an actual customer. There were other salesman but I do believe that his sales ego absolutely needed to sell me something even though he knew that I got a lot of that stuff for free anyway. He approached me as if we were lifelong buddies . . . Tried his best to impress my girlfriend and sell me something - AnyThing! He failed and he never talked to me again. He's still a colorful character in my early working career. Godspeed there Arnold . . .
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Mar 10, 2021