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Omshree Sidha Hospital
Vayala P O, Kottayam
Omshree Sidha Hospital is a Multi specialty Ayurveda Hospital
Interests: ASTHMA (80% patients can leave inhaler first day itself) PSORIASIS/ECZEMA (Itching, Patches of skin, redness, cracks, and roughness will disappear & regain the natural skin color) HEART DISEASE INCLUDING BLOCKS (Normally it takes 3-6months time to remove blocks without surgery/Angioplasty) IBS/ULCERATIVE COLITIS/ CROHN’S DISEASE (Most cases we take 4 weeks to stop to make it normal) LIVER CIRRHOSIS (Swelling and related problems decrease day by day). You will improve gradually and within 1 to 3 months, it will come under control) FATTY LIVER (You may improve gradually and within 1 to 3 months you will be almost cured) PILES/ HAEMORRHOIDS (Normally bleeding will stop in a week’s time) RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS & OSTEOARTHRITIS (We will remove swelling & pain, regain flexibility in short time) CERVICAL/LUMBAR SPONDYLOSIS (Normally it takes 3-4 weeks time to remove pain and regain flexibility) KIDNEY DISEASES (Creatine, Uric Acid, Hb, SGPT, SGOT etc.) VARICOSE VEIN (We will remove swelling and pain in short time), MIGRAINE/SINUSITIS (Normally it takes 3-4 weeks time to remove pain), STROKE (Normally it takes 3-6 weeks to regain flexibility and mobility), TENNIS ELBOW (Normally it takes2 or 3 weeks the symptoms will disappear and you will regain flexibility and mobility) VITILIGO,SCIATICA,FISTULA,CANCER,GOUT,VERTIGO,CHOLESTEROL,ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS,ACIDITY,I.V.D.P(INTER VERTEBRAL DISC PROLAPSE),FROZENSHOULDER, OBESITY, BLOOD PRESSURE, WEIGHTLOSS TREATMENT, DANDRUFF, SNEEZING, RECURRENTCOLD, CALCANEAL SPUR, JAUNDICE, SLEEP APNEA ,TENNIS ELBOW, SNORING, INFERTILITY, GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS, HAIR LOSS, TUMOUR MANAGEMENT.
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Mar 11, 2021