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Ok! Thanks a lot for your comment. José
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2021 on Untangling Plato's Beard at Maverick Philosopher
If I could ask you a comment on this problem… So… as you have said multiple times in contrast to the thin-theory of existence where there isn’t the existence of individuals, such that we can’t say of a concrete particular thing that he exists, we have a thick-theory of existence. Now, I believe that in the system that you presented in “A Paradigm Theory of Existence” surely we can maintain that a particular thing exists, but even more important we have an answer to the question “what is existence?”. In that metaphysical system the answer, I believe, is “existence is the (external) unifier of the ontological constituents of the (particular) being”. Now those constituents are the bare particular and the universals. So, in your system an ordinary particular (say, my cat “Kenshin”) it’s a thick particular and that really is a concrete state-of-affairs. My question is what are the consequences of this conception to the issue of causation. For instance, some authors (E.J. Lowe in “Free Agency, Causation and Action Explanation” for instance) maintain that the engines of chance in the world are substances, not events. The conclusions that we arrive in this question would be, I believe, decisive to the way that we engage other philosophical problems, for instance the problem of free will, for instance. So, could we say that in your metaphysical system we really can’t have the distinction between event-causation and agent-causation? Or could we say that that distinction still exists since in in any thick-particular there is an integrity and unity between its ontological constituents and that makes it possible to distinguish between an thick-particular as a cause and an event as a cause? Any comment would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, José Guilherme
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2021 on Untangling Plato's Beard at Maverick Philosopher
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Mar 21, 2021