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What also needs to be considered is that the UK politicians are currently inspecting their own navels in an attempt to find concrete cases of "online harm" as an excuse to battering social media with a big stick for allowing folks to share opinions different from their own. The BBC is probably doing the "round" of the likes of SL to find all the sex that's here & the kiddy beaches and so on that they last heard about when they last visited so that it can join in the clamour for online censorship. They also have an agenda that they're currently funded by a licence fee (think of it like paying NetFlix without actually ever watching NetFlix) that's compulsory for anyone in the UK watching "live TV" - they probably think they can score some gold stars with the current government that appears minded to remove the licence fee or at least decriminalise not having one. The "reporter" has done their bit - revealed to the world what we all know - that SL is rubbish in getting new users started properly in the world (despite their best efforts this last 6-8 months). It will fade on the BBC website ready to be dragged out for the next MP that protests that the internet isn't safe & the british government should regulate it properly. Please forgive the saltiness of this but not even the BBC saying that SL is crap for new users will change LL's approach. We've all rehearsed the arguments before about how to improve it but let's have 360 degree snapshots - don't worry about the failed TP's, group chat no better than 15 years ago etc etc.
Just wondering out loud... Do the "online" figures take account of scripted agents/bots? There still seem to be lots of them doing group mailings for rent or personal bots like ours & there's still a few of the arabian sims that have bot platforms - this would mean there will always be a "floor" through which figures will never fall (though I seriously doubt that would be more than 2-3k?). It would be interesting to see regional access figures e.g. logged in from which region/country and what time? It would help folks running ventures that can't get these figures accurately (i.e. we don't use a vendor system or MP to track sales) to better rationalise their visitor levels. It is interesting though that in spite of the "new signups" figure bandied about that concurrency bounces along around 39k - surely must be cause for concern at the Lindens about new user retention? It would mean the new sign in screen, new snapshot features, actively making venues pursue "new member friendly" policies and so on are not having the impact they hoped or that the issues aren't what the Lindens presume them to be?
Yeah - what Pulsar said... The uplift seems to have created more issues than it solved - the destination guide floater works sporadically (no timeline to fix it apparently), Avatar impostors (orange clouds) more often than not, textures popping in and out of focus (if displaying at all) & more random disconnects during teleport than I remember when I joined in 2006! I think a half term report would be "Fair.. needs more effort & improvement"
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Apr 16, 2021