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Mary Lundeen
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I watched that video. Neato. I would never guess that 61 letter would end up in the back of a tensed throat. Etymology of English is a small side hobby I enjoy since we speak such a bastard tongue.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2021 on Language Is My Love Language at NTodd Has A Blog?
My brunch was rained out right before Mother's Day, 2007. Your children's grief is a different animal. I send them my highest love, always. Time Can't Heal, by Vanessa: Time can't heal pain that won't mend. The suffering, the heart ache, It feels like the end. Grasping a hold of a moving change, Trying to pick up pieces to put the puzzle back together, For nothing can last forever. Grudges are held...never letting go Feelings are hurt...but they wouldn't listen, But behind every fight there is a reason why. The one you love didn't make it to your future And why they didn't try.
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May 8, 2021