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Bill Fasttires
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A positive view of this phenomena is that managers and others should try to elevate the mean level and statistically push that level higher. This action not only causes the people to have better results but also better outcomes and incomes. The old mean is now a new mean - at a higher level. Even if one can not prevent "regression" in the statistical sense, the lower bound of the movement can be stopped at a higher level and the new upper bounds can be increased to a higher level. There may be an ebb and flow of ROI caused by periods of costs and profits however the constant cycle of improvement can be achieved with existing business units that are well managed. No manager should think of themselves as having a defined shelf life, they should seek cellular regrowth on a regular basis and look to the target along with the need to execute an existing plan while adding new modules that target higher levels of performance. The idea that you are either here or there is moot, its not mutually exclusive - you are nowhere and everywhere unbound by physics at the same time - you are the one. Its up to you, not where you are.
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May 29, 2021