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Emily Allison
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I just learned of Steve's death. I was privileged to be his student and I was not ready to be a poet, I was full of 20 year old talent taken for granted and resisting the process of craft and letting go. He would delete 50% of the words in a poem and leave me with the skeleton. He would tell me to go and rework it, but only keeping the lines where he had scribbled a messy mark of approval. That was 1992. Now I am writing and crafting and hoping that 50 is not too late to birth all that he taught me, inspired in me and most of all, what he saw in me and my writing. Cigarettes in that ashtray in the window of that tiny office, his chair, his critique but then a gentle way of not kicking you straight out. He would look out this little window of this little office and without looking, tell me that I COULD be really good. I pray would see that I am working on it.
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Jun 22, 2021