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Susan Fisher McClure
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Aug 24, 2021
I have been researching Abigail Pinkham Daniels for a couple of years and frustrated at the amount of erroneous information out there. Especially that Abigail was born in Nantucket, If people would look at the Nantucket Death records; they would find that Abigail died at about the age of 2 years. Plus how would Samuel and Abigail meet when the distance between Lee/Dover NH is quite a distance from Nantucket,, even with freeways. I am a descendent of Abigail and Samuel Daniels via their son Leonard and his wife Ruth, Esther Daniels and James Babcock. Through this couple I am descended from their 6th great grandfather, Rev. Joseph Hull, through both of his wives. I have spent hours gong through the book: Richard Pinkham of Old Dover without success in finding the correct Abigail Pinkham. I am from California, currently visiting sister in NC but in a couple of weeks will be touring New England, I did this last year but because of Covid shutdowns found it difficult to do the research I wanted to do.(my daughter is a doctor and was working at Boston Children's and was staying with her; so I had to comply. This year I am vaccinated and she is now at Philadelphia Children's and I will be visiting her after I have been everywhere else. So yes, I am one of the people that is researching the Daniel line. I even discovered a cousin on the other side of my family is actually a half cousin; my grandmother was raped by her brother in law and his name was Jacob Daniels. We are actually 8th cousins on that line going back to Naomi Hull who married Davy Daniels and their sons. My email address Is: Susan Fisher McClure
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Aug 24, 2021