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Ian Tyrrell
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OK, so I finally came back to re-read this (over 12 years later)! I wasn't a huge fan of Ark of Truth (it hasn't really stuck with me at all), or pretty much the whole of seasons 9-10 of SG. Much preferred the earlier seasons, although Continuum was a nice way to wrap up the show as a whole. I found the whole "religion is bad" aspect pretty on the nose through the last two seasons. It just felt like lazy storytelling to me. The Ori just didn't hold the same interest as the Goa'uld, who had infighting, and intrigue, and individuality, whereas all the Ori just seemed to be the exact same "we are evil because we are evil" character, but with a slightly different face, and it just didn't do anything for me. And I wasn't a huge fan of the Farscape characters (they were fine, but I preferred them on Farscape). In fact the whole last two seasons felt like a big exercise in "we got greenlit for two more seasons, so we have to do something". Especially after the end of season 8, where they wrapped up the entire show in ~2 episodes (and then had two more where they didn't know what to do with themselves!). Thanks for your thoughts on the whole though! -RodeoClown
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Sep 20, 2021