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They are lying BIG TIME in regards of vaccines and their safety testing are next to none though they have no liability anymore they don't care. There is no double placebo control trial groups. NO VACCINES have ever been tested against a placebo double control groups they test them against other vaccines with the same toxic ingredients in them can you believe this? How criminal is this and still these criminals are allowed to push and even force these toxic waste on to people small babies??! There is No proof of their safety and vaccines are NOT effective only damaging! VIRUS IS NOT CONTAGIOUS its a natural cell cleansing from the toxic build up in everyones cells within our bodies its "exosomes"! The whole COVID-19 plandemic is a scam/FRAUD and CORONA is the tool to change the world to control us make us sick and for political reasons, so wake the hell up to reality! They want to make us into emotionless hybrids with changing our DNA make up with this dangerous toxic vaccine! COVID-19 vaccine will change ones DNA forever by replacing sequences, no return back and besides that it will have Quantum nano technique in them for identification purposes control of every human with gel chipp insertion that carries info about every humans vaccines etc. This IS pure tyranny and insanity and is crimes against humanity crimes against NUREMBERG CODE!!... Vaccines is a 200 year old lie from its very inception. Vaccines are designed to cause disease and harm the body in humans and animals, it weakens the immunsystem creates disease autoimmune diseases... Its too much profit in vaccines therefore all the deception lies and cover ups! They DO NOT care about peoples health and life! VAERS has paid out billions in damages but they don't care thats only collateral damages for them they make huge huge profits from vaccines and all the diseases it causes! Cancer alzheimers autism diabetes narcolepsy epilepsy etc.etc for example to mention a few... Vaccin industry goes hand in hand with Big Pharma and is the back bone to Big Pharma! Its business with disease = profit a Win win situation and its all about their profit (control of humans, dumb them down and make you sick a customer to Big Pharma for life..) and vaccines has nothing to do with health and sustaining/ saving lives.... NO ONE I mean NO ONE can force anyone to inject pure poison toxic waste and dna from aborted fetuses babies tissues cells, dna from cows and humans carcinogen agents in to ones own body that is CRIMINAL and need to be adressed as such and prosecuted immediately! I do not consent to any of their forced bullshit! Vaccines are a biochemical weapon/depopulation method! So many thousands of ppl and small babies has got injured and died from toxic dangerous vaccines NEVER EVER TAKE toxic VACCINES!!! They cause all kinds of disease thats what they are designed to do! Vaccines shed and all epidemics are caused from vaccines! 491.000 children got paralysed from polio vaccines in India, in Kenya vaccines sterilized a whole village of women, In Colombia the vaccines did the same and injured and killed with GARDASIL dangerous vaccines! Well the list is too long to go over here how many have been injured from vaccines and the numbers keep on rising and they cover it up of course, rename diseases symptoms, causes are "unknown" when they KNOW ITS FROM THE VACCINES! Babies come in all smiling healthy to the doctors and after the entire line up with toxic vaccines they are brain damaged not smiling anymore some die few hrs later some severely brain damaged! And they say its not from the vaccines!?? Who are they kidding? 1+1 is 2 nothing else! It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out whats causing these damages! VACCINES of course with its extremely toxic agents! Many injuries don't even get reported etc etc.....Brain damage/swelling after aluminium mercury goes through the blood brain barriar therefore the children have seizures and get Autism epilepsy neurological disorders get paralysed etc.. From early childhood vaccines is so high now for example in California. NOTE that 1/38 of children in USA now have autism, few yrs back it was 1 in 1000, this is because they give them so many toxic vaccines (even flu jabs) with mercury thiomersal aluminium formaldehyde in them! Its so damaging to the body immunsystem and brain! Why does an infant need a HEP B vaccine? Is it sexually active? Does it shoot up drugs? This insanity needs to be stopped all over now! TO REALLY SAVE THE INNOCENT VULNERABLE CHILDREN from these criminals that ONLY want to DAMAGE them for life for their profit this insanity of horror vaccination practice needs to end now because its nothing but criminal and child abuse! WE NEED TO END ALL TOXIC VACCINATIONS NOW! The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) recently sued the CDC (USA Center for Disease and Control over their statement that vaccines do not cause autism, AND WON! chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/
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Aug 23, 2020