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I think what Slink is doing is very honorable and every body creator should be striving to do the same! However, I do think that there are some hurdles that keep the body from taking back the market. 1. As others have mentioned, the exclusivity of many clothing items to other bodies seriously limits body choices. Of course, this is not Slink's direct issue. 2. There are a few points of the mesh (namely wrists) that I, along with others, find to be less aesthetically pleasing than other large name brands. 3. This is perhaps the biggest reason I have not switched to the body fulltime: The new Redux does not include the capabilities of an alpha hud like we've been accustomed to with applier based bodies. While I'm sure this has to do with making the body more optimized, it SERIOUSLY limits the compatibility between the bodies and clothing that has been made recently that has no system alpha layers with it. Sure, one can make their own alpha layers, but for many SL users (myself included) that is too hard/complicated/time-consuming to make for all garments in one's inventory. I absolutely applaud the work being done and I will wait with bated breath for new updates and news on their bodies, but I do not see myself and many others switching full time until these few issues are fully addressed.
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Oct 1, 2020