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Thanks for the replies everyone. RJM, I am especially grateful for sharing your insight and your advice about publishing and what hiring committees are looking for. To help me get a greater picture, would you say then, in your experience in hiring, that AHRC funded students at lower ranked universities (my university is one of the ones noted but not ranked by PGR and so not in the data analysis linked by Pendaran) would stand a better chance than non-AHRC funded students at higher ranked universities? And would the prestige of your supervisor rank above the prestige of your institution? Pendaran, I also appreciate you sending the link - the data is certainly interesting. Of course working out what is correlation and what is causation is difficult, and trying to work out which aspects are indicative of my chances and what I can do to improve them even more so. Nonetheless, they set a good baseline or useful priors!
There's a lot of talk about top-ranked vs low-ranked programmes, in this and many other posts I have seen on this topic, and the PGR seems to be the standard way of distinguishing the top-ranked programmes. I'm interested though on how much we should countenance the specialty ranking as compared to the general ranking. My institution is not a top-ranked institution in the general, but is top 20 worldwide for my specialty and my supervisors are very well known and well respected in the field. When taking this advice then, should I consider myself a member of a low-ranked programme, or a top-ranked programme, or some ambiguous space in-between? Would this be the same even if my supervisors were less well known/respected? I should also note, I am at a UK institution and a lot of advice on here seems predicated on readers being in the American system (understandably). So would be especially interested in discussion on how the market here is different, and whether the same advice should apply. One thing that seems relevantly different from my (admittedly limited) research, is Research Council funding. AHRC funding here is quite prestigious, but there seems to be no one-to-one equivalent in America, so it is also hard to gauge how this should influence how I interpret this advice.
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Nov 20, 2020