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Cee J Trombley
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Thank you, Lynne H Baker!!! I thought there was something weird going on with the first and last sockets as was adding white bulbs to a multicolored string and if I put in the last socket the string would go out. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think it had something to do with getting the lights to work after I mixed up some bulbs! After hours of pulling them out and testing bulbs one by one and trying them on another string that worked before and then didn't, I decided to do a little research and Hallelujah! I didn't have to replace any in the middle. There was a sequence to the bulb colors and when I pulled a handful of the right color out for the beginning and end of the string I could see that there was a larger base on a couple to go into the socket. Nothing short of a miracle when it lit, lol. Well, hoping for a real miracle soon so we can all get thru covid. In the meanwhile, thank you Lynne! Merry Christmas all. :)
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Dec 4, 2020