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In Australia, property taxes are based on what we call the Unimproved Capital Value (UCV), the same concept as LVT. The problem is that when there is no, or little, vacant land in a suburb, valuations become quite arbitrary as there is very limited opportunity to make valid comparisons with recent sales of improved properties.
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I find it fascinating that those, like me, who are actually required to "vote" are the most passionate about preserving the compulsion. I have not heard the argument that failing to "vote" is excusable. Why? 1. The compulsion is not to vote, but to turn up. So an informal vote, as we call it, is acceptable. Cop out it might be, but a choice one may exercise nevertheless. 2. More importantly, the compulsion brings with it an obligation on the administration to administer the system efficiently. In Australia, we give triennial thanks (strictly more frequently when you include state and local government elections) for the quiet efficiency of the Australian Electoral Commission. A delay for more than 20 minutes is unknown in my experience. If it costs more to encourage very substantial compliance with the civic obligation to attend to vote, it is worth every penny. Having elections on Saturdays and usually in summer helps. Far fewer elected positions and preferential voting helps too so one can express greater subtlety in the messages the governed send to the governors. Not to mention the greater stake the population has in the way it is governed. This leads to the view not that the government is THE problem as Ronald Regan has convinced US citizens, but that we expect the government to deliver the solutions and will resource it and keep complaining till it does. Hence the small deficits and low government debt.
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Feb 16, 2010