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All of them. Not even kidding. My poor space has a neglected soul. That said, I'm diving into either my bedroom or the kitchen first, I think. I really need a plan. (And possibly a sense of style.) So overwhelming! :D
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The blue aquamarine/nugget bracelet just made me drool all over the desk...and rethink my holiday list. Thanks for the discount code!
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(I'm not sure if this ate my other comment, apologies if it's duplicated. :>) The name's perfect for you. Jill's Attic would have been way too generic and less fun. :) Thanks for the chance to win, too!
Stencils! I'm so in! Love your contribution to the book, too. :)
Today started out with total avoidance mode (trying very hard to find any reason NOT to have to go outside and shovel the snow off the sidewalks) and ended with me stumbling on about a gazillion art journal flip-throughs on youtube. I'm all hopped up on the journally goodness at the moment and have hands covered with paint. Inspiration in *action*! :D
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Is this where we leave our comments? Class tonight was FABULOUS, Heidi! (And what was up with the broken glass at the end of the show? Everybody okay?)
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Feb 17, 2010