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Did the study take into account the correlation between EV ownership and domestic solar panel installation? The correlation globally is 40%, in some countries it is higher. If you are measuring increases in household consumption, it may be hidden by the solar output. Our output in 2020 with 8 panels (wish I had more!) was 2,150 kWh, enough to drive 14,800 km in our Kia e-NIro. OK, not enough to cover our annual 20,700 km but our electricity bill was not much higher last year as a result. The other thing to consider is that if an EV is the second car, what is the reduction in household fossil fuel use from having the EV.?.. I know someone here in France who has an old Nissan Leaf which has limited range but does most of the work, leaving their fossil car for the occasional longer trip
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Feb 9, 2021