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David Swinnard
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I'm of an age where high schools in my area (BC) were streamed...Academic/Technical, Secretarial, Vocational, etc. Having declared A/T, as I intended to go to University, my courses were "pre-selected" for me. In grades 11 and 12 I had an open block and elected to take Typing 11, then Typing 12. I was the only male in the class both years. The first year covered the basics and worked on speed drills - to music. The second was mostly about building speed. I passed the first year having built enough speed for a decent mark. The second year I plateaued at a speed that didn't officially meet the requirements for a passing mark. The teacher, having worked with me for two years and remarking she knew why I had taken the courses, did pass me. I never did achieve great speed, but I earned beer and pizza money living in university housing and typing last minute essays for procrastinating Art's students. As an Astronomy/Physics student I had virtually no "papers" to write/type, just a lot of labs to write up in "approved" university lab books. Not a brilliant typist these days, but can use all my fingers, just not always in the right spot. And, there are still a few pieces of music I catch every now and then on the radio that immediately take me back to typing class speed drills...
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