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Samm Starrs
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Love this post. I, too, have enjoyed the audience. When I do a post and it's silent sometimes I think to myself, well why bother? Why put in all that effort if no one is going to read it. I post blogs for people to read so when there is no views or no comments I find my enthusiasm wanes, which is part of why the blog-along has been great in that it kept my embers burning and the more I write the more I love it. It's my aim to keep reading everyone's blogs and keep writing my own even if no one reads them. At least they are out there, my words, my thoughts, my ideas, they are all out there and that's sometimes better than staying silent, y'know. I've kept myself silent for a very long time but this blog-along may have broken the seal on the dam :D I hope you keep blogging. I enjoy your writing.
You can do it! You can do it!!
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Apr 1, 2021