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Cranston Yordstorm
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Stop #21 in the Cranston Travels The Grid Blog is the limited stamp available from the BBB at the Second Life 18th Birthday Celebration! Includes a youtube video created by the BBB, which premiered on the first day of SL18B! There's a link to the post in the Second Life Community Forum. Check it out below!
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2021 on Second Life is an Adult! at The BBB Gazette
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As for a less anachronistic flickr logo ... ask and you shall receive.
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For the record, this is what the notecard says: - You may replace the texture on the SCREEN of the Terminal, but please leave the rest of the textures AND colors untouched ! (even though the rest of the terminal was made transparent, the textures and colors remain intact) - Please DONOT rename the Terminal ! (My terminal has not been renamed) - Please DONOT resize the Terminal ! (MY terminal has not been resized) - Please DONOT link items to the Terminal or link the Terminal to your build, the scripts will break ! (There are been nothing linked or relinked to the terminal) - Also DO NOT add any scripts or other things to its contents, this to ensure proper working of our terminal and update scripts ! (No scripts were added to my terminal)
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One of the things I found pretty fascinating in the minimal research I did on Trilby's Mill was finding that abstract excerpt from the publication. It was really cool to have someone using an SL build to support their theories about digital immersion.
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Apr 27, 2021