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Karen Reighert
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I started Jardience when it first came out and my doctor was very insistent this is the drug I needed for my diabetes. I started on the low dose and then last year she increased to 25 mg. I was so dehydrated I could not even talk with out taking a drink between a few words. My family and others looked at me like what is wrong with you. I had some dry mouth with other meds I had been on for years but nothing like the dry mouth from the Jardience.I began to have teeth that were needing pulled due to the dry mouth that was caused from the Jardience. My dental insurance will not cover a new partial upper and lower due to all the extractions. I still have one more needing pulled and waiting to see oral surgeon again. I have a root canal tomorrow and I pray I do not lose a front tooth. I had a new bridge break at the gum line and had to have the oral surgeon excise. Had I know that this medication was going to cause me to have dry moth and loss of precious teeth I never would have started taking it. Presently I'm not taking Jardience and what a difference to have saliva agian in my mouth. Not only did the Jardience cause dry mouth I constantly was sore and irritated with open areas of the peri area, yeast infection vaginally almost always. Oral surgeon gave me Nyastin for oral thrush and dentist prescribed nystatin cream for corners of my mouth. Since stopping Jardience this has resolved. I so wish losing precious teeht could be so easy to resolve. When I also found out that while on Jardience your chances of a lower extremity amputation's increases by 50% why would a medical doctor even prescribe this medication. Also my HgbA1c never decreased, just increased by a point. I hope they take this drug and others in the same category off the market or make the doctors give a complete disclosure on the possible side effects that are life changing and not for the better. Sad part is the NP at the office wanted to get me off the drug due to the severe dehydration and the irritation from yeast; however the day i was to see her the doctor saw me instead and increased the dose. I mentioned that the NP wanted to get me off of the drug and she said your kidney functions are fine lets increase the dosage. The NO felt bad that I could not hardly talk do to the dry mouth. I'm so emotionally and mentally stressed over what happened and do not see a resolution to the damage it caused.
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Feb 23, 2022