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Ivan Muller
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I got my first 'proper' Swiss watch when I turned 40. I specifically wanted an automatic watch with 5 beats - or more - per second so that it would be easier to count down longer exposures on my 4x5 camera. By longer I mean between 2 and 6 seconds. On a 5 beats per second watch one can see the second hand move smoothly across the second intervals and thus its easier to get accurate 2 second or longer exposures ( The quartz watches 'second hands' jump between the second counters and thus more difficult to time it well) I got myself a Fortis Flieger because it was plain, unknown, stainless steel and inexpensive at the time. Between ages of 40 and 50 it received a hard knock and a dent somewhere but was still working. Thus on my 50th my wife gave me a brand new one, exactly the same model, that she picked up in Zurich on a business trip. It was almost the same price to buy a new one than have the old one fixed. Great was my surprise when I read Kirk Tucks most enjoyable novel, the Lisbon Portfolio, where the hero also wears a Fortis watch. I'm 62 now and I wear a chest strap heart rate monitor so that I don't have to buy the Apple or other equivalent digital watch. I had my first Fortis fixed a while ago and the cost for a service , new casing , strap and crystal glass was 8x the price of the original . It sits in my cupboard until I decide what to do with it and in the meantime I have gone digital and wear my watch just because that's what I have and I like it....
I've always termed it like this - mostly 1. crop sensor for apsc, 2. full frame for 35mm ff and 3. medium format. Large format will only be 4x5 film or larger. This is mostly in keeping with how I termed the formats in the days of film. Of course now we have 4/3rds but I would group them all together under crop sensor...interestingly I have all the formats but are moving away from my crop sensor to full frame only. and my medium format is really old, from 2006 and the sensor has its limitation. so now I'm focused on FF - I just dont believe in having too much choice. And I still have my 4x5 film camera but I will probably never use it again....
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Jun 3, 2021