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Martin R. Reyes
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Hey Jason, Great article and commitment. We share alot of overlap, including the Porto Protocol series of Climate Talks. In fact, I watched yours on Internalizing The Business Sense... Marta brought it to my attention (being Part Two of the identical topic in which Spottswoode, a client of mine, participated in Part 1). In case you're curious where Jancis was first exposed to that useful-and-shocking-graph from 2011 Wine Institute, here's the Porto Protocol Talk I moderated "Climate in a Bottle" - as a last-minute decision, I added that slide to our live Talk, (stumbling, but I managed to get it on-screen, with little kids at my feet) Great work on ROC pilot program, and I will soon watch your conversation with Chiara Shannon, who urged me to listen to her session with you. Martin
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Jun 25, 2021