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Stephen Saintonge
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You really shouldn't have any trouble understanding this. This is straight-up white sumpremacy and colonialism. When whites went out to conquer the world, they succeeded because they outhought the natives. The locals couldn't even conceive of math, logistics, or technological improvements. It was outside their world-view. But various do-gooders actually educated people in the colonies, and presently a leadership class arose that the tossed the colonialists out. Now, here at home, the non-whites threaten to get uppity and take power. So, prevent them from learning, prevent them from thinking. But if you try to just forbid education, they'll pursue it out of perversity. So instead, pretend to teach math, and really spend your time dumbing people down. Keeps your class in control, and bringing in the moolah. And if you frame it right, you convince the victims you are on THEIR side. Brilliant con job.
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Sep 25, 2021