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Witt Holmes
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Maguire should have watched the trial he's writing about. McGinniss was challenged by the asshole DA that "you don't know what was going through Mr. Rosenbaum's mind at that time do you?" McGinniss: "Well he said 'F*ck you' and grabbed Kyle's gun." (from memory) So that was one of the quotes of the trial. Somehow Maguire missed that.
If Tom Maguire had paid any attention to the actual trial, he'd know that the "privilege of self defense" is the exact language of the law and jury instructions and was used countless times by the defense counsel in closing arguments to the jury. When you are defending yourself from a credible threat, you have the privilege to kill the bastard. If he has a problem with that he should run for the state legislature in Wisconsin and change the words.
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Nov 20, 2021